CUT ABOVE 13 Best hairdressing scissors to buy in 2022

CUTTING your own hair can save a lot of time, cash and faff from heading to the hairdressers – but you’ll need to find the best hairdressing scissors before you get started.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up the best hairdressing scissors that will help you achieve professional results at home.

Kitchen scissors can leave your ends looking frayed, so if you want to cut your hair at home, it’s best to invest in a pair of professional ones.

What are the best hairdressing scissors?

The most important factor in finding the best hairdressing scissors is to choose a design that feels comfortable.

Beginners can start with a basic design where the handles are symmetrical, although more advanced handle designs can reduce hand fatigue.

For left-handed users, it’s best to pick left-handed scissors, which will make the cutting easier and also help prevent hand and wrist pain.

If you’re cutting your own hair for the first time, check these tips from Britain’s most famous hairdresser Nicky Clarke.

You can also check out our step-by step guide for more advice.

Where can I buy home grooming equipment?

From hair scissors to men’s grooming clippers, here are the best retailers for all of your home grooming needs:

  1. Amazon
  2. John Lewis
  3. Very UK
  4. Wilko
  5. Boots
  6. Superdrug
  7. Currys
  8. Look Fantastic
  9. Feel Unique
  10. Sally Beauty

Here’s our guide of the best hairdressing scissors to buy this year, selected from some of the best retailers.

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Dark Stag’s DS1 Professional Barber Scissors

 Dark Stag’s DS1 Professional Barber Scissors
Dark Stag’s DS1 Professional Barber Scissors
  • Dark Stag’s DS1 Professional Barber Scissors, £49.95 from Amazon – buy here

Built specifically for barbering, this pair of heat-treated stainless steel scissors is balanced perfectly from point to ring.

Both blades are hollow ground and micro-serrated, giving you the precision cuts you expect of a quality scissor.

Fiskars Hairdressing Scissors

 Fiskars is the go-to brand in scissors, for hair and otherwise
Fiskars is the go-to brand in scissors, for hair and otherwiseCredit: Amazon
  • Fiskars Hairdressing Scissors, £18.95 from Amazon – buy here

Fiskars is the Finnish brand behind those signature orange-handled stationery scissors that you’ve likely got stashed in your desk drawer.

The brand’s hairdressing scissors feature the renowned ergonomic handles to make hair cutting comfortable, and can be used by right or left-handed users.

The blade is tapered stainless steel – and ideal for those on a budget are under £20.

Customers vouch that they’re easy to handle for home hairdressing, the blades are sharp and they’re top quality for the price you pay.

Saiza Scissors Iguana 5.5″

 Stylish and effective, these scissors from Saiza feature titanium-coated Japanese steel
Stylish and effective, these scissors from Saiza feature titanium-coated Japanese steelCredit: Sally Beauty
  • Saiza Scissors Iguana 5.5″, £127.40 from Sally Beauty – buy here

For a salon-quality look at home, try Saiza scissors, which feature blades made from top Japanese steel (this design is titanium-coated for an on-trend, colourful finish).

They also boast professional-standard features like convex edges (to make your cutting action smoother), hollow-ground blades and ergonomic handles.

Can be used on wet or dry hair, and they are a little on the pricey side but you truly pay for quality when it comes to these hairdressing scissors.

Toni & Guy Thinning scissors

 These thinning scissors will get rid of any extra weight
These thinning scissors will get rid of any extra weightCredit: Toni & Guy
  • Thinning scissors, now £95 from Toni & Guy – buy here 

If you’re already a haircutting whiz, or have extra-thick hair that needs taming, then you may want to invest in a pair of thinning scissors.

Ideal for getting rid of any extra heaviness and weight, Toni & Guy’s stainless steel design is well constructed and surprisingly easy to use.

It also comes with a one year guarantee if you change your mind.

GlamTech E1 Scissors and Thinner Set 14cm

 This well-priced set offers two tools in one
This well-priced set offers two tools in oneCredit: Sally Beauty
  • GlamTech E1 Scissors and Thinner Set 14cm, £30.99 from Sally Beauty – buy here

This value-for-money scissors and thinner set is a great gateway set to home haircutting.

Made from stainlesss steel, the scissors and 27-tooth thinner will help you get professional-looking results, and includes a carrying case for easy portability and storage.

Salon Performance Hair Cutting Scissors

 These scissors are cheap and get the job done
These scissors are cheap and get the job doneCredit: Boots
  • Salon Performance Hair Cutting Scissors, £13 from Boots – buy here

With reviews declaring these scissors anywhere from ‘decent’ to ‘fantastic’, you can’t go wrong with Salon Performance’s basic haircutting scissors.

The pair includes a dial tool to adjust the closeness of the blades and a finger rest for control.

Wilko Hairdressing Scissors

 Wilko Hairdressing Scissors

Wilko Hairdressing Scissors
  • Hairdressing Scissors, £5 from Wilko – buy here

If you wanted to give home hairdressing a go, but didn’t want to invest in a snazzy pair just yet – try Wilko’s budget-friendly set for just a fiver.

They’re 100% stainless steel and promise precise cutting.

They’re really simple and easy to use, making this cheap and cheerful.

Dark Stag Straight Thinner Scissors Black & Gold DS1 6 Inch

  • Dark Stag Straight Thinner Scissors Black & Gold DS1 6 Inch, £40.99 from Sally Beauty – buy here

According to the reviews on Sally Beauty, the Dark Stag Straight Thinner Scissors are a must-have for your at-home barber shop.

Made from heat-treated stainless steel, these scissors have micro serrated texturising teeth to provide a strong performance.

Apparently, they are “sharp from the first use” and a “nice light pair of thinning scissors”.

Jaguar Jaguart Black – White Line 5.5″ Hairdressing Scissors

  • Jaguar Jaguart Black – White Line 5.5″ Hairdressing Scissors, £105.95 from eBay – buy here

It’s official, we’ve found the prettiest hairdressing scissors for your home salon: the Jaguar Jaguart Black- White Line 5.5″ design.

Complete with high-tech coating that’s safe for those allergic to nickel, these scissors have hollow ground blades and a comfortable ergonomic handle.

All of Jaguar’s scissors are razor-sharp and once you start using them, you probably won’t ever look back

Tweezerman Deluxe Hair Cutting Shears

  • Tweezerman Deluxe Hair Cutting Shears, £25 from Boots – buy here

You don’t necessarily have to fork out for your home hairdressing scissors – the Tweezerman Deluxe Hair Cutting Shears are only £25.

They’re made from stainless steel, with the traditional finger rest and reviews say they’re comfortable too.

According to customers, they do the job for a “quick snip at home”.

How to hold hairdressing scissors

So you’ve made the first step to cutting your own hair – expect to save yourself a lot of time, and cash.

But how do you actually use them?

If you don’t learn how to use them properly, you’re probably going to regret it…

First, insert your ring finger in the smaller hole of the shears – it usually have an extension on it, this is called a tang, your pinkie rests here.

Put your thumb in the larger hole, and then rest your middle and index finger next to your ring finger.

Relax your hand and only use your thumb to get the scissors moving to save injury and strain.

How to sharpen hairdressing scissors

It is probably easier and better-going on your hairdressing scissors if you invest in a knife sharpener, but you can even use a piece of sandpaper to sharpen them.

Fold the sandpaper in half, with the rough side out, and cut 10-20 strips – you will see your scissors getting sharper with each cut.

How often should hairdressing scissors be sharpened?

It depends on how often your use your scissors, and for what.

For example, cutting dry, unwashed locks is much harder on hair scissors then clean, wet hair.

It is recommended that you sharpen your scissors after six months of regular use.

How to use hair thinning scissors

If you’re trying to thin out your hair to give it more texture, then you’ll want to get yourself some hair thinning scissors.

First of all, you want to make sure that your hair is wet before cutting it to make sure that you get a clean, even cut.

After combing and detangling your hair, find a small section that you want to cut and make sure that you cut diagonally, gliding the shears through your hair.

Our top tip is to start slow and small – you can’t get hair back but you can always cut more off.

Can I use kitchen scissors to cut hair?

The short answer is no.

Seriously, unless you want to go for a jagged, crazy cut that reminiscent of Sideshow Bob, just don’t do it.

They’re probably not sharp enough, and even if they are… you’re risking not getting an accurate cut.

What type of scissors do you need to cut hair?

You must ensure that your scissors are sharp when using them to cut hair, as blunt pairs will definitely not give you the results that you want.

Hair scissors are sharper than kitchen or craft scissors for a reason.

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